I-Tech is a smart office system enabling free-style combinations and sit-to-stand innovations. It breaks the borders of traditional office spaces and reshapes the office ecosystem based on the needs of every individual within it. With the help of technology, I-Tech also helps to cultivate healthy working habits.

Create your own space

By combining different parts, you can create your own office space in a Y shape, H shape, L shape, S shape or I shape, depending on what you require. All these spaces can be equipped with a desk, cabinet and screen, plus storage accessories.


Healthy and intelligent station

The lift desk is a highlight of the I-Tech series. It has outstanding performance, outperforming many counterparts in the market. It boasts a 40 mm/s moving speed, 630 mm to 1200 mm adjustable height, four-position memory, and automatic stop function when meeting obstacles during operation. If connected with a mobile app, you can have an even smarter user experience.

A mix of configurations

There are screens, cabinets, desks, and other accessories to choose from. Panels can be freestanding or combined with a desk. Fixed desks for supervisors, staff and meeting areas are available in different types, or you can choose lift desks.