When employees get trained, far-reaching viewpoints, clear thinking, an open mind, and a high degree of flexibility are all aspects they pay attention to. Mandis takes these demands into consideration and aims to indulge you with the most satisfying training experience.

Anything But Ordinary

Getting inspiration from mantis, Mandis catches your attention at the first sight with its visually-striking and powerful legs.


With Pragmatism In Mind

By pushing the lever up, you can transfer the horizontal worktop into a near-vertical one and line up with other desks, saving as much space as possible. The locking designs ensure it’s safe and stable.

Whatever You Want

By using creativity, you can move Mandis training desks freely to get the ideal layout – for group talk, for teamwork, for pairing assistance, for individual thinking…there’s always one more function that you can think of.


A Quick-change Artist

The connectors beneath the worktop as well as casters allow you to make different combinations easily.