Hip Manager Chair

Hip is a dynamic chair with a swing angle of over 10 degrees on both left and right sides, capable of echoing your movements instantly and providing constant solid support to your body. It’s like a maverick with unique charms.

Superb in shape, exquisite at heart

The body part is made of ADC12 aluminum alloy, giving it a tough core. The trapezoid back frame and butterfly-shaped lumbar support perfectly fit the curve of the human body. The beveled armrest and polished aluminum alloy five-star base illustrate innate craftsmanship.


Comfortable sitting with full-range armrest adjustments

Height adjustment within the range of 60mm; 20-degree rotation encompassing left and right; back and forth movement of up to 35mm; adjustable to left and right by 10mm

Base and back move as one

With the joint effect of the Italian Donati weight-activated base and three-point coordinated control mechanism, the movement of the base and back of the Hip chair is synchronized and closely fits with your own movements.