Sirius II

Sirius Ⅱ Executive Office Desk embraces a 45-degree bevelled design paired with aluminium alloy decoration bar, with different colours and sizes to choose from. The design of Sirius Ⅱ caters to the modern working environment, showcasing your unique taste while being user-friendly. Its wood texture, together with two main colours, walnut and white oak, adds a sense of steadiness and calmness to office space.

45° aesthetics

The 45-degree bevelled design and silver aluminium alloy frame together present an aura of smoothness and gentleness, protecting you from possible bumps. The mild wood is in stark contrast to the cold aluminium alloy, the contrast impressing users at a glance.


Height-adjustable side desk

The height-adjustable side desk, with a range of 755 to 1,105 mm, encourages executives to embrace a sit-to-stand working style and offers more flexibility to work.

Large capacity

Three drawers and a storage cabinet offer a large space in which you can organise your office essentials.


Eco-friendly material

Sirius Ⅱ makes use of natural wood veneer and water-based paint finish, constituting an airy and healthy space for you.