The digital workplace with alternating sitting and standing is a health steward of the staff, a workplace that beautifies the space and a capable logistic assistant of the enterprise. With intelligent sensor technology and IoT transmission technology, it empowers employees to manage their health and enterprise to manage its asset. Together with high-tech experience and user-friendly details, it builds an office scenario with optimized HR efficiency and space efficiency. The efficiency of staff, objects and scenario in this space have all been boosted.

Health Steward of Employees

A superior senor technology breaks the limit of surveillance, which captures the actions of users by their subtle movement and body temperature. A smart reminder is triggered when the user sat down for a long time. It really leads office health after intelligent upgrading.


It Beautifies the Space

The integrated industrial design combines hand controller with the lifting pillar, which hides the motor and wires and enlarges the space beneath the desk. Concise smart appearance with grey, white and blue keeps the space neat and beautiful.

Logistics Assistant of the Enterprise

The digital workplace is connected to the backstage through LoRa IoT technology to facililate the enterprise to analyze assets and manage the logistics with multi-dimensional data analysis, optimizing operation and maintenance costs, space utilization efficiency and employee health management synchronously.