Sunon Plans to Build a Mexican Plant in the Hofusan Industrial Park

On August 18th, 2021, we officially signed a contract to confirm the construction of our Mexican plant in Hofusan Industrial Park, which marks another step towards our globalization endeavors, following the establishment of the US subsidiary and flagship showroom.


▲ Our USA Experience Center (Irvine, CA.)


Established in 1991, we are the global leading office furniture solution provider that places great importance on manufacturing, R&D, marketing, and customer service with over 4000 employees around the world. Apart from a National Industrial Design Center in Hangzhou, we also established a European R&D Center in Germany. For now, our group has obtained more than 1200 global patents and 30 European and American Design Awards. The domestic sales network has covered both the first-tier and second-tier cities, and our overseas business network has expanded to over 110 countries and regions. Considering that the USA is the largest office furniture-consuming market, this manufacturing plant in Mexico will greatly bridge the distance between American consumers and our offerings, prompting us to become a well-known office furniture brand in North America.


"Building a factory in Mexico echoes not only with the requirements for rapid development but also with our 'global' manufacturing strategy." - Mr. Ni Liangzheng, Chairman of our group. This entry into Hofusan Industrial Park will promote our process of localization and speed up production and delivery. With years of cooperation with multiple robotic companies, we have made great progress in intelligent production, and the new plant will also be equipped with cutting-edge machinery and technologies and set a benchmark for smart production.


▲ Smart Manufacturing Facility


The industrial park's infrastructure and services have been rapidly improved in recent years, which laid a solid foundation for our plant to go into operation as soon as possible. The alliance between Sunon Group and the industrial park owner Holley Group will surely facilitate the industrial up-gradation of the local area and help achieve the common development goals of the two parties.


The Mexican plant will cover an area of 130,000 square meters and will focus on the production of panel furniture, chairs, and sofas. Meanwhile, upholding the principle of "globalized mindset and localized operation", we will continuously go hand in hand with our business partners to solve the logistical and supply chain issues faced by customers and make people around the world have easier access to high-quality office furniture products.