Electronica Finance Ltd


Electronica Finance Ltd (EFL for short) is one of the leading Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC) with 33 branches across India. Incorporated in 1990, the company is a part of the SRP Electronica Group and a pioneer in Machine Finance. After an eventful journey of close to 3 decades, EFL today has more than 50 offices across the country, has served more than 7,500 customers, and has an asset under management over Rs.1,250 crores.


At EFL, they believe that people are their assets and work on making the workplace a safe, happy, and positive place. In 2019, EFL wanted to furnish a new office that is experience-driven and amenity-rich to support its business growth and retain talents. Leveraging the fresh set-up of this office as a chance to enhance its people-centric culture, EFL partnered with Sunon to provide an office that cultivates continuous organizational value and superior employee experience. The project team followed principles of human-centric design and created a semi-open workplace to improve employee wellbeing and productivity through various spaces planning.



For this project, we furnished the staff area, executive space, call center, meeting room, and training room. Recognizing that some staff roles require concentration and the ability to get away from the noise, Sunon used partly enclosed workspaces with acoustic, high walls to separate each employee from those around them to ensure their high-volume, productive communication with the customer by telephone. Collaboration is everywhere, but privacy is essential in the finance industry. It is why Sunon chose 120-degree angle workstations with screens in the staff area to increase more collaborative room while still giving employees some boundaries.



Ultimately, the new office would enable EFL to provide a platform for employees to make more connections while keeping the space more conducive to workflow and concentration. Moreover, this semi-open workplace would help EFL better pursue its vision of creating more success stories for businesses.