Ares Management


Ares Management Corporation is a global alternative investment manager operating three integrated businesses across credit, private equity, and real estate. 


With a move towards India, the firm opened a new office in Mumbai. As a company that puts employees first, they wanted to create spaces to ensure employees' well-being, mental health, and productivity.



"Our Greatest Assets are Our Culture and Our Team."

                                                                           -Michael Arougheti, Co-Founder, CEO, and President



The designer Architect Sunil Gambani (Dhristi Architect) Dilip Pawar Avance Exim partnered with us to successfully execute a semi-open floor plan offering visual privacy yet instant interaction to meet this requirement. We selected PN600, which has enough space for two screens to make multitasking simpler for financial professionals; smooth white glass desktops to make it easy for employees to take important items down; dense desktops to have more space for all cords and cables together and a more organized day for workers. Large storage cabinets were provided to offer versatility for the ever-changing storage needs.


Enabling every office to work is what Sunon always after. Please check out the below solutions we created for an employee area of the finance industry.


1. The financial industry attaches great importance to privacy, so we offer a variety of screen-mounted desks.



2. There are a large number of sensitive private documents in the financial industry, which require high personal storage requirements.

3. The financial sector is a fast-paced and high-stress industry, so providing a space for rest can help maintain employees' motivation.