CITIC Wealth Management Office Furniture Solutions

1.jpgCITIC Wealth Management Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as CITIC Wealth Management) is wholly owned by China CITIC Bank with a registered capital of RMB 5 billion. It was officially opened in 2020.

2.jpgLocated on the 35th and 36th floors of the BFC Bund Financial Center, CITIC Wealth Management has a three-sided river view, a magnificent modern office space, and well-selected furniture with exquisite materials, which fully demonstrates the corporate elite.


CITIC Wealth Management carefully selected furniture for its employees and customers from Sunon. They not only required the office furniture to fit the modern office atmosphere but also to provide a sense of stability and comfort.


The public leisure space adopts high-grade gray. Grays with different saturations are matched with natural wood colors and yellow elements in the furniture to remove the dullness of the space and make it more agile. The high bar chair is matched with the sofa chair. Transparent glass is used to distinguish different public spaces, seamlessly connecting openness and privacy, and you can see the open river view no matter where you are.


From the color of a table to the customized selection of product quality, it demonstrates the high requirements and high pursuit of CITIC Wealth Management. Italian style furniture full of design sense in the modern meeting space shows full of tension aesthetics.


In the senior management space, wisdom and quality have been added through the clever choice of office furniture. In the selection of desks, more beautiful and intelligent furniture is used; more natural, comfortable, and high-end furniture is used in the reception and negotiation space. It is both aesthetic and practical, adding health to the busy financial elites.