China Merchants Bank Office Furniture Solution

China Merchants Bank1.jpgChina Merchants Bank is one of the world's leading retail banks and has been on the Fortune 500 list for ten consecutive years, ranking 162nd on the Fortune 500 and 22nd on the Global 2000 list in 2021.


Driven by digital technology, China Merchants Bank is moving towards a smarter development. Based on the needs of the financial industry and the employees, Sunon customized an open, agile and efficient office space for them.


Instead of designing a typical compact floorplan frequently seen in most financial companies, Sunon embraced a simpler aesthetic to build a flexible, open and functional space. Sofas, bar counters, coffee tables are placed orderly, creating a relaxed and informal atmosphere and encouraging workers to collaborate and interact in a free-flowing manner.


Natural light and an open office environment create a more engaging and productive space. Using these design principles, we used low-height glass partitions on desk to create an open, airy and collaborative space, ensuring efficient working without compromising the enjoyment of pleasant views outside the windows.


In the private offices, we offered Maxim executive desk which has a fundamentally clean design, yet it is undeniably sleek, presenting an aesthetic that is both classic and trendy.





In the leisure space, Chen sofa not only pleases your eye with its fashionable look, but also provides welcoming comfort to your body with its unique multi-layer cushion.


Meeting spaces are where great ideas collide. Sunon used diverse solutions and different specifications to meet the multi-dimensional needs e.g. departmental meetings, remote collaboration and informal communications.



In this space, all components and lines are precisely defined to create a harmonious whole.