Power Dekor Office Furniture Solution


As an industry leader in flooring, Power Dekor has established multiple global offices with over 20,000 employees worldwide. The new headquarter of Power Dekor makes full use of artistic elements to deliver the unique core brand values to the employees. The office furniture solution provided by Sunon features human-centered, stylish, eco-friendly, and comfortable products.


Driven by a green and health conscious philosophy, wood became the most eye-catching attribute in the design of the office. These vibrant lines greatly enhance the dynamism of the whole space. With the elephant being the brand symbol of Power Dekor, decorative paintings with elephants as the subject were put up, as a good way to improve employees’ sense of belonging.


For workstations, Sunon’s Lipa desks are used which has an organized cable routing system and bring visual neatness. White desktop is a perfect match for all, fitting seamlessly into different kinds of surroundings.


Elaborately designed executive offices encourage people to enjoy the working pleasure. Lines, colors, decorations are carefully arranged to present the most harmonious effect. 


A mix of wood and leather brings a natural accent to space and gives the originally conventional executive space a fashionable taste.


Conference furniture of different styles can fully satisfy the company’s needs, from organizational training, department meeting to informal discussions.



With a small writing pad, Diamond training chair allows you to take notes conveniently. Due to its dynamic flexibility and agility, team leaders can scale up or down the size of a gathering without any hassle. Being foldable and stackable, these chairs can be stowed away very easily.


With functional designs, Sunon’s office furniture helped employees of Power Dekor to work fostering health and productivity.