Funiture Solution Case for SAPMER

As one of the the largest fishing companies in the world, Sapmer offers the very best to its consumers with its 15 fishing vessels plying from the Indian Ocean to the Southern seas.


Now, from its new headquarters in Mauritius, SAPMER offers customers an unique and astounding gourmet experience by setting out for the very best that the sea has to offer.


The office building has a total of three floors, sourrounded by lush woods. Most walls utilize the large-area window design, bringing the natural outside beauty into the field of vision. In order to uplift the overall working experience of Sapmer, Sunon adopted the concept of "borderless natural office" as the space concept, taking the advantage of the elements of bright yellow sunshine and pristine ocean blue into its space solutions.


In common areas, Sunon provided various types of occasional tables, light-weight chairs and cozy sofas for working as well social occasions of Samper. The mini bar can not only provide employees with food and beverages, but also is a convenient communal office space that can be shared. The tea table sets  can meet the functions of relaxation, negotiation and communication for visitors and employees. 



D series modular lounge seating offers flexible combinations to break the boundaries of the layout of a conventional office space, bringing an adaptable solution for different team members. 


The outside stunning seaside landscape alongside the funcational and comfortable furniture are remarkable additions to the multi-functional area of Sapmer. Research shows that merely looking at the sea and plants can reduce your stress. With our ergonmic designs, SAPMER has created a truly healthy office space for the employees.