Office Furniture Solution for Cambodia Airways

As the sixth officially registered and fully operated airlines in Cambodia, Cambodia Airways is devoted to establishing a renowned global airline brand with a total registered capital of 200 million US dollars. Since the approval documents obtained from the Cambodian government in 2017, the airline has now welcomed its 4th year and successfully run 6 routines across many destinations in Asia.


As the commercial workspace solution provider for their new office, Sunon conceptualized several areas for its interior space including conference rooms, training rooms, reception area, lunch rooms, elevator lobby, and common areas, adopting the idea of collaboration, sharing, eco-friendliness, and cost-efficiency to better cater to the demands of the people for a comfortable and domestic working environment.


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Veneer board and white lamination board in natural colors were mostly implemented to fill up the open-plan working space. A cohesive, integrated, and inspiring office system like our Natural Joy benching system with plenty of storage space keeps individual desks organized. The bright geometric lighting fixture simulates the traffic flow in the office. The subtle, alive lighting arrangement accentuates all the settings in the office without being too distractive and ensures employees feel motivated and refreshed to work.


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Upon discussion with Cambodia Airways, we've come to an agreement that the entire interior design oughts to be modern yet low-key and represents the company's identity. Considering the business scale of our client and their current situation, Sunon equipped every desk of our client with one of the best-selling series: Olive task chairs. With a package of 5 diversified configurations to pamper the users with a comfortable sitting experience throughout the day, the BIFMA compliant ergonomic office chair is perfectly in tune with the requirements of an inspirational workplace.


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After an all-rounded service throughout all the project phases including research and investigations, design planning, product delivering, and installation, we've even received a letter of gratitude from the Admin Department of Cambodia Airways, thanking Sunon and our local dealer in Southeast Asia for our thoughtful and outstanding service. They've also sent us a photo of their 3rd-anniversary ceremony, expressing their best wishes for the continuous prosperity of Sunon.